Candy Valley - Match 3 Puzzle

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Candy Valley - Match 3 Puzzle review

The game is a real trouvaille for all of the sweet-tooths out there! Match sweets, win prizes, and have fun! You can download Candy Valley now, or read the review and learn more before you get it.

Graphics 5/5

The Candy Valley game has amazing visual styling that shines on any mobile screen. Vibrant colored and shiny sweets lure you to tap them. Despite the fact that puzzle games have probably the same game mechanics, Candy Valley’s graphics will make you choose it among all of the similar games on the market. Why? Because of cute lollipops, mouth-watering ice-creams, yummy-looking chocolates, and cartoon-styled characters that are waiting for you!

Gameplay 5/5

Games like Candy Valley are made for you to relax. Yeah, you won’t find special missions to complete or bosses to defeat, but you will definitely take time to rest a little while tapping sweets and chocolates.

The Candy Valley game has many levels, and each of them provides a goal that you have to achieve. All levels are divided into 150 episodes, including characters named Edward and Ella that learn to cook sweets by matching the ingredients. By the way, if you download Candy Valley latest version, you will also get new levels every Tuesday.

The Candy Valley gameplay isn’t something new. Match sweets in a row starting by three, complete levels, and get points to unlock the next episodes. To start playing, you have to get an account by signing up with Facebook. It will also help you to stay tuned with upcoming game events because all news and announcements show up on the game’s official Facebook page.

Controls 5/5

The Candy Valley game is controlled using taps and swipes. At the first launch, you will also get a short tutorial to master the operating system quickly. Swipe, scroll, and tap the sweets to complete your goal. By the way, before you launch the candy valley game, make sure your smartphone has a strong Internet connection for the glitch-free game performance.

Replay Value 5/5

Candy Valley is one of those entertaining games that you play when in public transport. It’s an easy and nicely-styled toy to spend time with on the road to your work, or when trapped in the traffic jam. The Candy Valley system requirements are also simple so that it works probably on any device. Download Candy Valley and try it on your own!

The Bottom Line

Candy Valley is a yummy dessert to have on your smart device. It has everything a perfect game should provide: charming design, simple mechanics, and smooth performance. All these features assure you that Candy Valley deserves giving it a try.



  • Attractive visual style
  • Easy gameplay
  • Free to download and play
  • Doesn’t require in-app purchases.


  • Needs Internet connection
  • Monotonous gameplay options might get you bored soon.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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