Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

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Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game review

It’s an exciting clicker adventure in which you can try to become the richest guy in town, own properties, hire celebrities, and do other staff that billionaires do. Download Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play and enjoy the posh life. 

Graphics – 5/5

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game latest version has vivid 2D visuals with lots of details and hilarious character designs. It’s impressing how many rooms have the developers constructed for the towers. You won’t find 2 same stores, so it’s always interesting to see what’s going to be on the new office floor. It’s like Fallout Shelter at some extent and feels alive no matter what floor you are looking at. 

Gameplay – 5/5

Unlike other business clickers that we compared for this Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game review, this game doesn’t just make you do dull clicking all the way down. It has a lot of content to entertain you as you progress and unlock the better business towers. There’s also no limit to boosting profits so that you can compete with other players worldwide to see whose business strategy brings the highest revenue and compare who owns more business establishments around the city. As you know, money can drive progress, so do you. Invest in nanotechnology and space program development to bring the world closer to the next technological revolution. If you do that, you will unlock new ages, such as neocosmic age and others. What would you say about trading with aliens? It may be profitable! 

Controls – 5/5

The name of Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game free-to-play genre implies that you have to click a lot, and that’s almost true. There’s no way down in this game, but only different options for going up and higher. You have to make quick decisions and tap to open new stores and other facilities that can generate money. And don’t forget about taxes!

Replay Value – 4.5/5

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game full game has no end because the cash flow can’t stop once you opened it. On the other hand, you can run out of in-game content if you manage to unlock all the VIPs and towers quickly enough. New content is added rarely, so it’s not a difficult thing to do. 

The Bottom Line

The free Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game is recommended to you if you like playing simple games just to have some fun when there’s nothing else to do. It’s certainly addictive, but it gets a bit dull after a couple of weeks. You can run without in-app purchases or start by owning a huge business from the very beginning with one of the “boss” packs.



  • Excellent simple time killer
  • Fast progress without payments
  • Endless business development
  • Exciting detailed lore
  • Many cultural references and gags.


  • May become a bit boring on late stages
  • School time should be moved.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 4

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