Farming Simulator 14

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Farming Simulator 14 review

Graphics – 4.5/5

Farming Simulator 14 latest version is powered by a proprietary graphic framework that gave developers a convenient environment for realistic isometric 3D visuals. The game includes a full day/night cycle, but it’s hard to feel it fully because there are no dynamic shaders and lighting. It’s just bright in the morning and dark at night. The high resolution of textures justifies this problem. Later chapters of FS gave up the isometric camera, so it’s the last part such a perspective. 

Gameplay – 4.5/5

Unlike the PC version, Farming Simulator 14 gameplay is slightly simplified to bring you a more casual mobile experience. In general, it’s a positive solution, but sometimes tasks get too repetitive. You can plant wheat, corn, canola, grass, winrow, and other agricultures to sell it and feed your kettle. As soon as you establish a working production line, you can expand your farm with animals, such as cows. Feed them good to achieve the production of milk and meat. The more money you have, the more farming opportunities you have. You can expand your lands, sow and plant more, and hire staff to delegate responsibility and be more efficient. The whole thing is mostly based on the 2012 PC version, and it borrows both good and bad features of the original. 

Controls – 4.5/5

We compared controls of the Farming Simulator for PC and mobile platforms for this Farming Simulator 14 review to prove that it became more casual. The conclusion is controversial. Developers claim to make the mobile version easier, but it’s more challenging to drive. For some reason, vehicles have worse handling. Moving forwards is generally convenient, but to drive back, you have to spend a lot of time and nerves. 

Replay Value – 4.5/5

Farming Simulator 14 full game walkthrough will take you many hours because the number of missions is astonishing. You can develop your farm economy nearly as long as you want.


The game presents a rather high quality of visuals, a variety of tasks, and over 30 licensed vehicles by major manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to drive from the cabin, but the game is still addictive and challenging at places. 



  • Multiple vehicles by real-world manufacturers
  • Balanced in-game economy
  • Smooth visuals with day/night cycle.


  • More casual gameplay is too challenging sometimes
  • No cabin view while driving.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 4

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