Chromecast Streamer

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Chromecast Streamer review

Functionality 4/5

When you have a Chromecast streamer, you get access to a powerful tool. It is able to cast any photos and video you can make or find to your TV set or other devices. You will view the pictures on a large screen and enjoy the details creating a particular mood. Moreover, you get a lot of instruments to enhance the pictures applying various effects. Add funny details and filters to make your experience even more memorable. It is possible to launch online videos from different sites. Make playlists of your favorites, apply subtitles, use suggested settings of the premium package to enhance your experience.

There are no extra services that can confuse you or be just unneeded. Here every item is functional. And it is important to have a fast and stable Internet connection to benefit from this app to the fullest extent.

Design 4/5

Design is nice and comprehensive. You will get the buttons for every category of content. To find out what is inside, you should tap on them and get access to a collection of videos, pictures or music. Activate the item you like by simple click and enjoy viewing. During watching, you can pause streaming, scrolling up and back, make it louder or on the contrary to turn the sound down.

Usability 5/5

Streamer for Chromecast review provides you with general information about usability, which helps you to feel confident as to purchase. It is very easy and fast. It will take a couple of seconds to show the video from a smartphone on TV. You can control it from your devices by short tapping, choosing seasons, episodes and other options. To benefit from this app, you should pay a subscription fee every month or purchase a lifetime package. Though, you can think about it while using the app during a week free of charge as a trial option. It is easy to cancel the subscription any time.

Cross-platform use 5/5

The app requires the iOS and Android of latest releases being compatible with different devices.

In-app purchases

This app includes in-app purchases. Chromecast Monthly Subscription, Chromecast Lifetime Pro, Chromecast Promotion Pro.

Bottom Line

Download Streamer for Chromecast and get an essential tool for entertainment. Any films and TV shows on offer will become available for you. It covers most of the big shows and movies getting them even before anyone else. If you have some questions as to the functionality or usability of the app, you can contact customer support and get a consultation.


  • The connection can be unreliable
  • Available in English only.


  • High quality of service and nice speed
  • Every update fixes problems
  • Easy to use.

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 4

Security 5

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