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Canon Camera Connect review

You can download Canon Camera Connect for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.

Functionality – 4.5/5

The app supports direct and wireless router connection to your Canon DSLR camera with WiFi or Bluetooth modules enabled. It allows you to transfer photos and videos in a wide range of formats, including RAW, MP4, MOV, JPEG. On the other hand, several popular formats, such as AVCHD, CR2, and EOS MOV aren’t supported. That’s not a huge problem because you can set appropriate formats before shooting. 

Design – 5/5

All commands for sharing and editing in the gallery are placed on the surface, so you don’t have to search for options in hidden menus. The camera mode has all necessary adjustments and a convenient quick-adjustment wheel. You have to choose ISO, exposure, and focus. 

Usability – 5/5

Canon Camera Connect is developed to provide you hands-free access to your camera. If you want to take bright photos at night, you have to connect the app, install a tripod, and set long exposure. If you do the same without a remote, your photos may be not as sharp as you need. Direct file transfer is required when you want to share images quickly, but there’s no computer nearby. It’s also handy for blogging because you can start editing photos and videos for YouTube and Instagram on your way home and save valuable hours before publishing. The connection guide is included, so it’s easy to learn how to use the app. If you are an experienced camera user, then it will be elementary. 

Cross-platform Use – 5/5

To install Canon Camera Connect, you need a smartphone or tablet running iOS 11.0+ (iOS 12.1+ for CR3 transfer) or Android 5.0+. To edit CR3 and MOV, you will need apps that support these large formats. Low-end devices may have problems with real-time editing and playback of high-bitrate files. 

In-app Purchases

Canon Camera Connect free app provides the full functionary. All updates and compatibility fixes come for free. The app doesn’t require subscription payments. You don’t have to buy the ad-free versions, because there are no adverts. 


Canon Camera Connect is a must-have application for both enthusiasts and professionals. It provides extended remote features for photography and filmmaking. Unfortunately, the current version supports only one camera at a time, but it makes your work much easier. You can use it not only for remote control but also have an additional display.



  • No AVCHD and CR2 transfer
  • Remote shutter release.


  • Fast connection to Canon DSLR cameras
  • Automatic file transfer of MP4, JPEG, RAW, and MOV
  • Compatible with Power Zoom Adaptor
  • Quick switch between Bluetooth and WiFi.

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 4

Security 5

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