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Clip Studio Paint review

Download Clip Studio Paint with all current updates and get access to tons of illustration tools, allowing you to achieve the best results in painting and editing. 

Functionality 4/5

Using this latest version of the application, you will be able to create paintings in your mobile device, applying various functions, which can increase the quality of the result. There are various airbrushes, brushes, shading tools, markers and other things to help you to express your creativity and create marvelous drawings suiting your needs. You can draw any illustrations including sketches, comics and manga comfortably, achieving very realistic strokes of a pen as if you do it in real life manually. Use rulers to draw and sketch in an accurate way.

There are also vector formats. The drawings can be zoomed without compromising quality, and 3D drawing figures allow to study sketching in details. And of course, you will benefit from smooth and accurate color filling tools. You can mix shades and get your own hues which can be stored here. The app is able to create lines automatically and supports handwritten text and full-text balloon. There are a lot of other features, including management and exporting ones. You can create moving illustrations and even a professional animation. It is possible to export your work as a movie or an animated GIF.

Design 4/5

The design looks traditional. If you have ever used Photoshop and other painting editors, you will cope with this app easily. When you install and launch it, you will see a large window which is filled in with an image you are working at, and on the top and to the left of it there are two menu bars with numerous options and tools.

Usability 5/5

This CLIP STUDIO PAINT review describes the features in general and answers the question: “Whether is it easy to use this app?” The details of “how to use” are suggested in tutorials. This app has a lot of functions, but most of them can be mastered easily with the help of keyboards and simple clicks. In this way, you can choose a tool, apply it, refer to a drawing picture or a previous one, set the order of display and speed. To optimize manga and comic workflow, you should make just one touch also. 

Cross-platform use 5/5

It is compatible with various modern mobile devices.

In-app purchases 

The basic version of this app is free, but there are in-app purchases.

Bottom Line

Download CLIP STUDIO PAINT and enjoy drawing and sketching at any place you are located only being equipped with a mobile device with the application. The software is free but suggests to buy PRO and EX versions if you want to improve your experience and achieve the best result. Subscription is offered per month and per year. Mind that some devices do not support all features.


  • There are no story functions allowing to manage and create multiple pages in a file.


  • Available in a lot of languages
  • A lot of illustration tools, like vector tools and paint brushes.

Design and Usability 4

Key Functions 4

Security 5

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