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AirDroid - File Transfer&Share review

Download AirDroid and share photos, videos, audios, and other files any time you need it.

Functionality 4/5

It is important to have a tool allowing to transfer a file from one location to another. And there are some applications developed for this purpose. But AirDroid stands out with its unique features, which can be useful for businesses and private usage. It is important to avoid multiple security threats and stay highly competitive. So, it protects and provides you with reliable transfer even of business-critical data.

Also, sharing of files can be performed almost without costing any data allowance. The transfer is carried out in a fast manner at speed up to 20 MB/s. You can use it to send SMS and even make calls. To benefit from all its features, you should not have an Internet connection.

Design 4/5

The design is simple and clean. Everybody will cope with it without difficulty following the instructions popping-up on the screen. On the bottom of the page with a list of files, you will see major buttons with such functions as Delete, Copy, Cut, Send, and All (marking all). There is a searching window for those who do not want to scroll all the list looking for a needed file.

Usability 5/5

AirDroid review has described functionality, which is really applied very easily. The application is oriented on automated processes. Such an attitude is focused on accuracy and helps you to save your time and efforts. Of course, you have to set parameters and make some choices manually, but there are options that facilitate usage even more. Moreover, you can manage the files saved on your smartphone from a web browser. Mind that free and premium versions differ from each other.

Cross-platform use 5/5

This application can share content across different platforms, being the fastest file transfer without data cost. It is compatible with various devices, both mobile phones and computers.

In-app purchases 

This app is free and does not support by ay in-app purchases. However, there are premium versions with additional features.

Bottom Line

Download AirDroid and transfer files of various formats across different platforms. This flexible and reliable application runs wirelessly and does not require to install any other additional software to be launched.  And what is very important – there are no restrictions as to distance. You can connect the devices located far away with the same brilliant result as you do when transferring across devices that are close to each other.


  • Requires registration on the account
  • Available in English and Chinese only.


  • High speed of transfer
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Easy to use.

Design and Usability 4

Key Functions 4

Security 5

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AirDroid - File Transfer&Share AirDroid - File Transfer&Share

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