Tips & Tricks of League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game, with a large player base around the world. With millions of players, there are always questions about how to play the game better. This article will discuss some of the best tips and tricks to playing League of Legends. 

1. Make sure your team kills dragons and the opposing team doesn't

Killing dragons give your team a slight boost in attack, defense, movement speed or hp regeneration speed. If the enemy team has is killing a dragon, it is important to last-hit it to block them from gaining an advantage. Also, when you have four dragons killed, you can fight the boss dragon that will give you bonus true damage that ignores all defenses, which is a pretty big advantage.

2. Use the map to move around the map

A lot of players will just use the WASD keys, but you can also use the map to move around the map. This is good to do when you're in a team fight and you want to escape, or when you're looking for the best route to gank the enemy.

3. Use wards to protect your lanes

Wards are an important part of the game because they provide important information about the opposing team's location. They also provide vision so your team can avoid ganks and other dangerous situations.

4. Use Ignite

Ignite is a good summoner spell to use when the opposing team has a healer or if the opposing team has a lot of healing items. Ignite can be used to prevent them from healing up and coming back.

5. Last-hit the minions

Last-hitting minions is an important technique that can give you a slight advantage. You should try to last-hit the strongest minions because you will get more gold for it.


This article has discussed some of the best tips and tricks to playing League of Legends. They should provide a good start for new players and a refresher for seasoned players.