Tallest Enemies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Who Are The Most Imposing Bosses?

Skyrim is full of warriors, creatures, and bosses to fight. While many small enemies can be dangerous, nothing can compare to the larger foes in the game. These towering enemies are some of the toughest enemies a Dragonborn will have to face, and they can be spotted from afar. Here are the tallest bosses in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, arranged from smallest to largest. 

Ankano - Tall Advisor of Thalmor


Ankano is one of the tallest characters in the College of Winterhold, and he is a tall elf. Ankano is Talmor's advisor and the main antagonist of the College Of Winterhold quest line. He is arrogant and has an insufferable temper, which leads him to try to use the Eye of Magnus to make himself invincible. He fails in his attempt and is eventually defeated by the Dragonborn.

Tsun - Guardian of the Sovngarde.

Tsun is a warrior beast guarding the whalebone bridge to the Hall of Shore in Sovngarde. He is the largest of all the human players will encounter in the game, making him very difficult to fight. He tests the mettle of anyone who seeks to get in and requires the player to defeat him before he can pass.

Dragon Priests - Non-Living Reveal Priests

Dragon Priests

Dragon priests are found in Nordic tombs throughout Skyrim and Solstheim. They dwell deep within their ancient tombs, guarded by legions of dragons. Dragon priests can be particularly intimidating when awakened by a player who has risen from centuries of slumber. Dragonborn will have to work hard to fight any of the 13 dragon priests encountered in the game.

Lord Harkon - Lord of the Vampires

Lord Harkon is the main antagonist of Dawnguard DLC and the leader of the Volkihar clan. At first glance, he appears to be an ordinary Norse, but when he meets Dragonborn, he transforms into a vampire lord. This bulky gray man is not only taller than most races but has wings that allow him to soar above the ground.

Alduin - Eater of Worlds


Alduin is the main antagonist of the game and the first dragon the player encounters. It is a massive creature, and the difference in height between it and the player becomes even more apparent when it takes to the sky. In combat with the Alduin, players will have to use a long-range weapon or Dragonrend to bring it down.

Centurions - Dwarven Masters

Centurions are found in Dwemer ruins all over the map, usually as the final dungeon boss. They are tall creations of dwarven engineering, equipped with steam blasts and powerful swords. Centurions look intimidating, but they are clumsy and slow, and players can overpower them by shooting them from a distance or dodging their attacks.

Karstaag - The most powerful boss in the game


Karstaag is the frost giant and the most powerful boss in the game. He's level 90 and doesn't scale to the player, making him a challenge even for Dragonborn in the late game. Among Karstaag's many abilities are the destructive blizzard effect, enhanced healing, and the ability to summon ice warriors. His imposing stature accurately reflects his power.


Skyrim is full of enemies and creatures of all sizes, but none of them look as imposing as the game's large opponents. These huge bosses are some of the toughest opponents Dragonborn will face, and among them are the likes of Ancano, Tsun, Dragon Priests, Lord Harkon, Alduin, Centurions, and Karstaag. Each of these bosses will prove to be a challenge for the Dragonborn, and players will have to use all their skills and tactics to defeat them.