Google Trials AI-Generated Backgrounds for Google Meet

Tech giant Google is currently testing a unique feature that uses generative AI to produce new backgrounds for Google Meet video calls. The experimental feature, shared initially by Artem Russakovsii on Twitter, is part of Google Workspace Labs, and only a select few have access to it at present. Users can input a prompt to generate a suitable background for their video calls.

According to Google's support page (via XDA Developers), users involved in the test can access this feature by clicking Apply Visual Effects and then Generate a background. The user can then input a prompt, such as "Luxurious living room interior", and select a style which might be "Photography," "Illustration," or "Fantasy". The system will then suggest potential backgrounds based on the inputted prompt.

Google is also ensuring user safety by allowing them to report any generated content they deem unsafe. This move is part of a broader effort by Google to ensure that online spaces remain safe and secure for all users. It's a practical example of how tech companies are taking user safety into account in their product development strategies.

This isn't Google's first foray into AI-powered background generation. Earlier this year, at the Google I/O developer conference, they announced a similar feature for Android. In addition, Snap also introduced a generative-AI-based background creation feature for Snapchat+ subscribers in April.

Google continues to enhance Google Meet's capabilities, with recent updates including emoji reactions, the capacity to pause individual streams, 1080p streaming support, and video tile pairing for education users. This latest experiment with AI-generated backgrounds demonstrates Google's commitment to making its video conferencing tool more versatile and user-friendly.