Redfall: A Sneak Peek at the New Stealth Game from Arkane and Bethesda

Xbox recently held its first event of 2023, showcasing some of the biggest upcoming games for their platforms and Game Pass. One of the games that was given a look into was Redfall, a stealth game from developers Arkane and Bethesda. It is set to be released for the Xbox platforms and Game Pass later this year.

Redfall is a stealth game inspired by the Dishonored series, as well as some of the mechanics used in Arkane's Prey. It will take the player to a grim world filled with monsters, puzzles, and deadly opponents. The game will feature a variety of weapons and items to use, as well as a unique skill system to upgrade the character's stats. Players will have to use their wits and agility to stay one step ahead of their enemies. 

The game will also feature a variety of stealth-oriented playstyles.
Players can choose to go in guns blazing or try to sneak around enemies. Those who prefer the latter will have to use the environment to their advantage, hiding in shadows and taking out their opponents from behind.

Redfall will also feature an immersive story with branching paths and multiple endings. Players will be able to shape the story to their liking, making choices that will affect the game's ending.

Redfall looks to be an exciting game for fans of stealth and action-oriented games. With its unique skill system, immersive story, and branching paths, it certainly looks like an intriguing game. Fans of Arkane and Bethesda will be looking forward to its release later this year.