Miyamoto Affirms Nintendo's Commitment to Consoles, Despite Mario's Smartphone Success

Celebrity Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto recently commented on mobile platforms in an interview with Variety. Though smartphone games featuring iconic characters like Mario have been successful, Miyamoto emphasized that consoles will remain the primary focus for Nintendo.

Miyamoto, the creator of popular franchises such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda, stated that smartphones are not the ultimate platform for Nintendo characters. He likened smartphones to fast food, suggesting that while they may provide short-term enjoyment, they lack the depth and lasting appeal of gaming consoles. This statement reinforces Nintendo's dedication to its console business, despite the success of mobile games like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes.

While acknowledging the financial benefits of smartphone gaming, Miyamoto stressed that it's crucial for Nintendo to maintain a balance between profits and to create unique experiences for players. He argued that shifting focus to smartphones for the sake of profit would ultimately be detrimental to the company's long-term success. Furthermore, Miyamoto emphasized the importance of nurturing the next generation of game developers who are passionate about creating meaningful experiences on consoles.

Despite the success of mobile games featuring iconic Nintendo characters, Shigeru Miyamoto reassured fans that consoles would remain the company's primary focus. Balancing profits with unique gaming experiences is essential for Nintendo's future, as well as fostering the talents of upcoming game developers. The statement from Miyamoto sends a clear message that Nintendo will continue to prioritize console gaming while also recognizing the value of smartphone gaming as a supplementary avenue for their beloved characters.