WhatsApp Voice Calls Could Get a Major Upgrade with New "Audio Chat" Option

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and it's no surprise that its voice calls have become commonplace for many people. But now, it looks like there could be a major upgrade to these voice calls in the works - an audio chat option that could make using WhatsApp even easier and more enjoyable. 

The new audio chat feature would be similar to existing features seen on other platforms like Discord. It allows users to join group conversations without having to speak at once while also allowing multiple people to talk together at once. This makes it much easier for users who want to share ideas or hold meetings over WhatsApp without having everyone speak all at once. Furthermore, users would also be able to control who can talk when during the call, making sure everyone has their say before moving on. Finally, this new audio chat feature would allow you to quickly jump into conversations and out of them whenever you want — something regular phone calls don't offer currently. 

This new addition could fit right in with recent introductions such as Communities, which allow members of large groups or organizations easy access to different conversation topics or messages quickly without disruption from others outside those specific chats — something especially useful for businesses or larger groups trying to communicate easily within their own circles but not necessarily wanting outsiders getting involved as well. 

With this potential introduction of an audio chat feature specifically for WhatsApp voice calls, the popular messaging app may take yet another step forward towards becoming an essential communication tool for those around the world looking for a way both efficient and enjoyable way of connecting with others either professionally or personally through digital means.