Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor review

One of them, acting as a traitor, should try to lure the others into traps and neutralize them. The Secret Neighbor game is available on Xbox and PC. 

Graphics 4/5

The creators of the game did their best to show us an outstanding product. In every location, you'll see a glut of details: venues, pieces of furniture, and other interior elements that create a unique atmosphere. 

The creators also made excellent lighting, lanterns, and dimmed locations. All these things work great for gameplay. If you prefer this kind of graphics, you'll like the locations and have a lot of fun due to the cartoon setting. 

The graphics seem to be childish a little bit, so not everyone will be excited. However, due to it, the atmosphere is outstanding, especially on different holidays, including New Year's Eve. 

Gameplay 5/5

The gameplay is quite simple and understandable for anyone familiar with the genre. We have a location - a house and its surroundings. We also have two teams - the first team consists of six children. The second includes only one neighbor. 

The gameplay is quite simple and understandable for anyone familiar with the genre. The primary location is a house with the surrounding area. There are two sides to a conflict: the team of 6 children and a neighbor. 

The main goal of the childish team is to save the cellar prisoner. To do this, the team has to collect all the keys hidden in different corners of the house. 

The neighbor's goal is to catch such a lousy and throw them away, preventing the characters from reaching the cherished keys. It's fascinating, and there is a precise balance that allows you to have fun playing for both children and a neighbor. In total, they give fifteen minutes per round, so the game does not last long.

Controls 5/5

The control system is quite convenient and understandable. Inventory can be found at the center of the screen - each character can carry up to 2 items. The only exception is the Bagger, which can carry 3 pieces, and after 120 seconds with a full backpack, up to 4 items. If you do not already know the controls, in the lower right corner of the screen, you will find hints for the current item you are currently holding. 

A cross in the center of the screen will help you to aim. Point the crosshair at objects and cabinets to use them (a tooltip appears). The crosshairs change shape when objects are thrown along the path (the more massive the object, the shorter the flight path).

Replay Value 3/5

The replay value of the game is not very high. There's no alternative ending or something that can change the sense of the whole game. Of course, you can choose different characters or try Secret Neighbor game online with other partners. However, you won't feel significant changes.  


The author of this Secret Neighbor game review is sure that the game is simple and easy to understand. It's especially advantageous if you play in the company of friends, and the neighbor is an experienced player. Running around, inventing something, and deceiving the insidious enemy in every way is fun and exciting, and rounds of only fifteen minutes allow you to quickly play, get some fun and go about your own business. It is very nice that there are such games if only specific details could be corrected and the game can be called ideal.


  • cool locations
  • an opportunity to play on both sides
  • the game is easy to understand.


  • you can't run a search in the lobby together
  • low replay value.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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