AliExpress App for iPad

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AliExpress App for iPad review

You can download it only for iPad, but there are also other versions of this application, which can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can access the official AliExpress website with the help of any Internet browser.

Functionality 5/5

To properly use the application, you should register your AliExpress account. After that, you will be able to purchase different goods. The “Home” page shows you the latest deals, discounts, and other offers. You can look through the list of goods, see the top selection, featured brands, featured categories, etc. You can see the price below each name of the product. You can also tap the “Categories” section, where you can select any category you want (beauty, automobiles, cellphones, computers, furniture, lights, sports, watches, etc.). After you select the product, you can see its rating, rating of the seller, estimated delivery time, and customer reviews. You can add the products you like to your “Cart” and continue shopping. After that, go to the “Cart” section. There you will see all the items you want to buy and the final price.

Design 4/5

The design of the app is straightforward. All the icons are clearly visible. The text is also visible.

Usability 4/5

AliExpress App for iPad has a lot of positive reviews. The application does not crash, and it provides users with the promised content. However, some users said that the application sometimes can show wrong prices.

Cross-platform use 5/5

You can download other versions of AliExpress from the Google Play Market and App Store. As it was mentioned, you can access the official AliExpress website. The application has a similar interface on both platforms. You can also login to your AliExpress account from many devices.

In-app Purchases

Users can download AliExpress for iPad for free. You can also use all the features of the application without paying any money. But you can make purchases with the help of the application. Just link your credit card to the AliExpress for iPad.

The Bottom Line

AliExpress for iPad is a nice application that can help you to find different clothes, furniture, and other goods for low prices. You can also see the rating of the seller in order to understand whether you should buy a product or not.


  • Sometimes the app may show prices incorrectly.


  • Easy to use
  • Straightforward interface
  • A lot of different goods.

Design and Usability 4

Key Functions 5

Security 4

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